Professional teeth cleaning

Melanie Krüger
Melanie Kr├╝ger, dental prophylaxis assistant

Our dental prophylaxis assistant is responsible for the prophylactic treatment at our clinic.
She will take care of you from the first examination through to fluoride therapy.
Professional teeth cleaning (PTC) is an important part of our clinic's concept.
Periodontitis and tooth decay can be avoided by cleaning regularly (semi-annually).

Professional teeth cleaning includes:

During your session, we draw up individual prophylaxis plans that you can implement at home, e.g. using special brushes for the spaces between your teeth.

We place special emphasis on our treatment for children and adolescents. By carrying out fluoridation and sealing teeth regularly from an early age, we can prevent further damage to permanent teeth.

A further important issue with regard to prevention is useful for pregnant women. During pregnancy, hormones are released that cause the gums to swell.
At this stage, it is particularly important to remove plaque so that the periodontium does not shrink and teeth do not become loose.

Already after the first prophylactic treatment you will find that inflammatory irritations of the gums begin to recede and you can feel a pleasant and fresh sensation in your mouth.

We are looking forward to giving you a PTC!